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Fame = platform

GalleyCat ran an item from The Bookseller site about publishers jockeying to meet with Tony Blair, to get a shot at publishing his memoirs. I can see where it helps to be already famous if you want to get published.

In the spec fic genre, for a while there it seemed like a lot of actors in popular science fiction TV shows (e.g., any Star Trek series) were all getting published writing science fiction novels. It didn't seem fair. The door to publishing is incredibly narrow and they let people through because they had name recognition--sort of like when you're waiting to get on an airplane and they let the gold-level frequent fliers board first. But then I thought about it. They published these folks because they thought the books would sell. And it they did sell, then they could afford to publish more books, some of which would be by unknown spec fic writers toiling in obscurity. Yeah!

You go, Tony Blair!
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