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The generation gap is alive and well and living online

My Helpful Friend sent me a link to a New York Times column by author Pagan Kennedy (she changed it from Pamela) all about how lost she was in trying to navigate the wilds of MySpace in her efforts to promote her books. Eventually, she figured it out, but not without some stumbling. I loved one particular line about authors on MySpace: "Imagine a version of Studio 54 where Jane Austen, wearing nothing but gold panties, vomits all over Harold Bloom’s shoes while infomercials for debut novels flash on the walls."

Since I write YA as well as adult spec fic, I can see myself making the same effort, assuming the book sells.

I have to say, if this younger, much hipper (she changed her name to Pagan!) woman found it so daunting, I'm not optimistic. I feel pretty comfortable with LJ, but it sounds like MySpace is (pardon my aged metaphor) a different kettle of fish.
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