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Disaster in paradise

My father lives in San Juan Cosala´, in Jalisco Mexico, on what used to be a beautiful house overlooking Lake Chapala. The hurricanes that have often have devastated other parts of Mexico don't usually get far enough inland to bother that area, but this has been a difficult year. Recent torrential rains saturated the ground, and then a water spout (i.e., a tornado) formed over Lake Chapala and attacked the nearby area. Mud and huge boulders slid down the hills. Lake Chapala is a long, narrow bowl less than half full of water. Everyone near the lake lives on a hillside. The roads are now swiftly flowing rivers or waterfalls, houses are wrecked, and people are homeless. My dad's house is damaged, but he is, thank God, OK. He has no power or phone service.

Dad has insurance but most of the residents of that area don't. I found some bloggers in San Juan and nearby Ajijic if you want to read about it first hand. If you can help, the Chapala Cruz Roja (Red Cross) accepts donations via PayPal and credit cards.
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