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The World Fantasy Convention folks have posted the draft version of the program a whole ten days before the convention is due to start! That's pretty good. Of course, it's only a draft. It shows Scott Edelman having two readings. I'll have to ask him if that's true or not. Gene Wolfe has two times marked for his reading, but the second one says "Continued" so I think he must really have two time slots allotted.

Well, he's Gene Wolfe, after all.

I love this convention partly because of its networking opportunities but also because I get to see not only my fellow WGFH friends but who aren't even Easter Coasters—like Carol Berg and Brad Beaulieu, both Pikes Peak Writers Conference attendees (Carol went on to serve on the faculty). Neither one is close geographically, but WFC draws writers, editors, agents, and fans from all over the world.

Saratoga Springs, here we come!
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