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Another WFC is history

My husband and I just got back from Saratoga Springs, where we attended the 2007 World Fantasy Convention. We had a great time. Saratoga Springs is a lovely town with lots of restaurants, pubs, bars, and shops—all within easy walking distance of the convention hotel. We lucked out in our room (huge, and with a refrigerator and microwave), the weather (no rain except while we were on the train), and travelling (scenic train ride, no missed connections).

I always enjoy this convention. Programming is minimal in that there are only two panels at a time, plus one or two readings. Also, they always have a dinner break so you don't have to choose between going to dinner with friends you only see at this convention and going to really interesting panels. Because there are so few panels, it's rare that panelists miss them entirely—even the Sunday morning ones. That's not true at Worldcons, where some writers have to rush from one panel to the next and finally give up. I made a point to go to a fair amount of readings. I figure they're like the free samples at Costco—why not take advantage of them. I got to hear Tom Doyle, Julie Czerneda, Nancy Kress, Scott Edelman, Carol Berg, Dennis Danvers, Victoria McManus, Peter Heck, and Jessica Day George. Quite a smorgasbord! The last two write erotica and YA respectively!

Aside from the programming and the readings, the other thing that's good are the parties. We started with John Eccker's Roundtable party, always a fun way to see folks we know from previous WFCs. And I also finally ran into ccfinlay, whom I know from online (way back on the Del Rey Online Workshop, now OWW) at a book launch party. I'd met Charlie once at a Worldcon, but that was all.

Next year WFC is in Calgary, Alberta. I know it's the World Fantasy Convention, but I'm still not sure I'm up for Alberta in November. There's a reason there are so many Canadian licence plates on cars headed south in the winter.
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