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What did we do before there was Google?

First, a note that today is Veterans Day. My dad spent 20 years in the Navy, so I know that being in the service imposes a cost, even without people shooting at you (he had that, too, in WWII and Korea). So here's my thank-you to all the veterans, past and present, who served their country. We wouldn't be here without you.

Now, to return to topic, I used to be a librarian, so I can speak with authority when I say that search engines like Google have changed the way we find information—and even the kind of information we look for. Just as the convenience of word processing has made it (relatively, compared to using a typewriter) fast and easy to produce a properly formatted manuscript (and thus exponentially increased the number of people who submit manuscripts), Google makes it easy to find certain kinds of information. Which means I go looking for facts I would never bother to look for if it meant a trip to the library.

I mentioned in a recent post that my writing group is called the Writer's Group from Hell or WGFH. When I Googled WGFH, I found my own blog post and my website, but then I discovered that WGFH also stands for Working Group in Feminism and History at Duke University. Some of my WGFH members will be pleased to know that.

I wonder what the other WGFH is working at? Their mission statement mentions that each of their sessions "explores an aspect of the relationship between feminism and history, in scholarship, professional issues, and teaching." Sounds pretty heavy-duty. If they're smart, they'll have food, too. Works for us.
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