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A friendly voice

My husband called me downstairs to listen to an NPR segment. Librarian Nancy Pearl (author of the Book Lust series) was expounding on her favorite science fiction and fantasy novels, including a young reader novel by fantasy author Brandon Sanderson with the wonderful title Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians. She also mentioned classics like The Forever War, by Joe Haldeman, which has been re-released in a sort of "director's cut" version.

I found the article for the segment on the NPR website.

It's always nice to hear someone speak highly of our genre, especially when she says things like this: 'When these people find that they really like a particular work of genre fiction, they're inclined to use phrases like "transcends the genre." Though I am not a particularly violent person, hearing this always makes me want to throttle the speaker. Genre labeling not only ghettoizes particular books, but it narrows the world of literature for readers, rather than expanding it.'

She also said that her list of science fiction and fantasy titles could easily have been four times as long because there were so many excellent books out there.

You go, Nancy!
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