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The best medicine

If laughter is the best medicine, then Demetri Martin is Alexander Fleming, Jonas Salk, and maybe Greg House all wrapped into one (OK, I know House is fictional, but he's so damn good!). My son turned me on to this young comedian (he's 34 now, but looks much younger in his videos). He did the Trendspotting segments on the Daily Show and has also done live shows and made DVDs. And of course in this day and age, anyone can catch a glimpse of his act from one of his many videos like this Daily Show segment that's hilarious!

Not surprisingly, since it was my 24-year-old son who told me about this guy, the bit illustrates that we can all laugh from either side of the generation gap. If you search on Demetri Martin on YouTube or any comedy site, you'll find him.

We can all use a few laughs now and then.

p.s. If you caught stephdray 's rant on the role of paper in "rock, paper, scissors," check out Demetri's routine that include that bit.
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