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Good news for writers!

No the strike isn't over. But this item on GalleyCat reports that books sales are up. In the latest figure released by the Association of American Publishers, book sales are up 5.7 percent for September and 9.9 percent for this year over last year. And while the YA market shrank without a Harry Potter book, YA hardcovers still had $87.1 million in sales, $15 million more than adult mass market paperbacks, which went down a good bit.

A number that jumps out is the 36.5 percent increase in audiobooks for September, 40.1 percent for the year. E-books were also up substantially, 27.7 percent for the month, 23.6 percent for the year. I have to think that the audiobook numbers could be related to Christmas shopping, but I have trouble with the idea of an e-book download as a Christmas present. Kinda hard to wrap it up and put it under the tree.

GalleyCat points out that the Kindle could have a real impact on the e-book category!
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