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Feline conundrum

I don't like to do two non-writing blog entries in a row, but sometimes life intrudes (in the form of a family wedding) and sometimes something is so bizarre I have to share it. My son sent me a link to a video. Ever since we got DSL I have been catching up to the video phenomenon. This one is called The sweet seduction of Itchy Butt. I truly cannot tell if this cat is annoyed as hell, ecstatic, or merely (as the video caption suggests) out of his mind. I presume if he were annoyed, he would move away, and he doesn't. On the other hand, he keeps lashing his tail, which usually means a cat is not happy. Out of his mind is starting to seem likely.

I'm also not sure if the cat's name is supposed to be Itchy Butt. If so, that's just cruel.
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