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But some of us DO love science fiction!

I noted some discussion on SSF Net about this London Times article titled "Why We Don't Love Science Fiction" (we being the British), by journalist and writer Bryan Appleyard. Appleyard relates several interesting anecdotes, including an account of Salmon Rushdie, back in the 1970's, removing his work from consideration of a prize for the best science fiction book because he didn't want it to be labeled as science fiction. Just think if he hadn't done that! He could have safely written The Satanic Verses as science fiction and probably the Islamists would never have heard of it! No fatwa! Of course, no fame beyond the genre, either. Probably, Rushdie would still choose the fatwa.

Appleyard describes British opinion of science fiction as "...the embarrassing uncle at the British literary feast. He’s one of the family, but nobody wants to go near him." However, he also says that science fiction is too important too ignore because it includes "books that embody the big ideas of the time." How cool is that?

Interesting article. If you haven't read it, you might want to.
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