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Gray skies

I am so ready for it to be really spring! The sky is gray today, not raining but threatening, and the air is cool. I would prefer bluer skies even if it meant colder weather. I need light! My daughter is in Arizona today (see yesterday's empty nest post) where the sun is shining. Lucky her!

And my thoughts are turning to the Pikes Peak Writers Conference, which will be held in Colorado Springs next month. I went to PPWC four years running, and this year I won't be there. They just posted the winners of this year's PPWC-sponsored Paul Gillette Memorial Writing Contest, which means my last year’s second place win in YA is bumped from the web (Congrats to Ceil Boyles, who tied with me last year and got second place in Children’s Books this year!). PPWC is a lot of fun, and a useful conference. But now that I have an agent I couldn't justify the expense. I don't need to pitch to agents anymore and pitching to editors is her job. Well! There's something to cheer me up!
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