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The Backspace site has a new design! It's cleaner and I think it's easier to find things. If you've never looked at Backspace, check it out. It's supported by a $30 annual membership fee and it says it has 700 members— writers, editors, agents. You can look at the articles for free but you have to be a member to browse or otherwise use their forums. It does offer a trial period of several days if you want to try it on for size. Their motto is "Writers Helping Writers." Info posted varies from dealing with rejection to the mechanics of finding an agent.

They also put on a writer's conference once a year in NYC, that features agents as well as editors and authors; it's not cheap but it is in NYC, where nothing is cheap; the conference rate for a hotel room is good for NY, but two nights will run more than the conference registration. If you're interested, check it out and register before the end of March when the rate goes up.

But as I say, looking at the site is free.
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