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The web has now been around long enough that I find things about science fiction I never knew before because I wasn't as directly interested in them at the time they happened. In 1993, I was still dabbling in writing—I hadn't finished the novel I had been working on for years and I had never been to a convention.

But that was the year that Nancy Kress went to Linkoping, Sweden, to be the guest of honor at ConFuse 93. She gave what some folks on the web no refer to as her "famous GOH speech on feminism in science fiction."

Since I tripped over it looking for something else, it's hard to argue that it's not famous, but I had never heard of it. It's also hard not to like a speech where the orator starts by confessing she's had half a carafe of wine with dinner. But after I read it, I had two reactions. One is that Nancy had done a great deal of research. That wasn't surprising, as she's known for scrupulous attention to detail The other was that her analysis of the masculine vs feminine topics as opposed to merely gender of writers is still sound.

So, if you've never read it either, and you're at all interested, follow the link and check it out. It holds up really well 15 years later.
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