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Not exactly a Lulu of a deal

My Helpful Friend is steamed! She sent me an item from Reuters about a new venture Borders is starting—stores that will have seats for access to digital work stations. Here are a few paragraphs from the article:

"The new stores feature a digital center where shoppers can download music, or search ancestral records through "Borders Genealogy Services," which are provided through a partnership with Ancestry.com.

"Borders is also teaming up with self-publishing Web site Lulu.com to allow consumers to write their own books, with an eye on eventually selling some of these books in the new stores.

"Customers, meanwhile, can print photos at the stores through its "Borders Digital Photo Printing" program.

What got MHF so hot under the collar was the Lulu deal, which she sees as Borders being out to get its share of money paid by authors to self publish through companies like Lulu. At the same time, she doesn't think that Borders will actually agree to sell those books automatically. As she puts it, "Borders [is] trying suck writers into using their (sic) Lulu service with the implicit promise that it will then sell the book."

I should mention that Borders doesn't own Lulu, they are merely in partnership in this instance.

No one ever said the digital age would be better, only faster.
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