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New experiences

I just had an interesting experience as a writer. I wrote a short story based on one pivotal day in the life of the protagonist of a novel I’ve already written (and my agent is marketing). The day was one that changed the course of Aveline’s life completely and it is described in the book in some detail. For me, the world already exsited. I didn’t have to make up the culture, the gods, the place names, or most of the character names. Sounds easy, right? But I was stuck with what I had written! The outcome, the setting, and even who was present in some scenes was predetermined. I think it must have been just a little bit like writing a media tie-in where you have to follow rules outlined in a sort of "Bible." Except in this case, I wrote the original! The gospel according to St. Karen-—only I am so not a saint.

Well, at least it was quick. And different. Different is good, right?
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