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But is it worse than high heels?

As a good example of the difference in perspective between a writer and a literary agent, now that Lucienne Diver is an author as well as an agent, she has started blogging. I noticed that her blog was listed on Kristin Nelson's blog along with Kristin's other clients (this says good things about Kristin&mdash"where agents go when they want a good agent"). One of Lucienne's posts was on things she had learned from wearing a corset while at a Renaissance Faire. My favorite 3 observations from Lucienne's list:

6) The fainting scene at the beginning of Pirates of the Caribbean is totally convincing.
8) Bend at the knee, not the waist.
9) Men seem to like it when you laugh.

So is there anyone in the biz who doesn't want to be a writer?
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