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Why I love The Guardian

The online UK paper The Guardian is a great place to drop by if you're a bibliophile. My Helpful Friend turned me onto it, and I have to say it lives up to her recommendation. The Books section includes a feature titled Why I Write, which is updated regularly and doesn't spurn spec fic writers.

Rcently, they ran a book review of Salman Rushdie's "sumptuous mixture of history and fable" called The Enchantress of Florence. Whom do you get to review a slipstream work by the likes of Salman Rusdie? If you're The Guardian, you get Ursula K Le Guin! If you're interested, she liked the work but faulted the way his female characters draw life only from the men in their lives.

Other features include grouping by genre, quizzes, top ten lists and other fun things. Stop by any time!
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