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Book format vs. publishing business model

Buried in the NY Times article about HarperCollins new "no advances, no returns" imprint (I blogged about this last week) is this quote:

"The group, Ms. Friedman said, would release electronic, audio and hardcover editions for every title it publishes. Currently, HarperCollins does not produce e-books or audio editions of every title. The publisher has so far converted about 3,000 titles into e-books, she said, while globally, it has about 25,000 physical editions in print.

Mr. Miller said he was considering offering both e-book and audio editions with the hardcovers automatically, at no additional cost to the consumer."

To me, this may be as important a development as the change in the marketing model. When you combine it with what will presumably be smaller print runs, it suggests that HarperCollins actually sees a major shift coming in the way books are sold.
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