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Score one for our side!

The Sunday Washington Post magazine has a nice one-page feature called "First Person Singular" where each week a DC-area person talks about some aspect of his or her life. This week it's Virginia Democratic Senator Jim Webb, who starts out by saying, "The most disciplined thing I've ever done in my life is probably the act of writing a book — and novels are harder than nonfiction."

For a guy who wrested a Senate seat back from Republicans in a state so red it's practically blushing, that's quite a nice compliment to writers. There's some stuff on the how-I-finally-got-published logistics in the middle, along with some nice metaphors on politics ("dancing with a bear") and then he closes with, ". . . nothing gives me greater pleasure than to write something that I believe is really good. Writing is what I will always do, no matter what. My mind always writes. You never stop writing if you're a writer."

Here, here!
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