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So is it the publicity, stupid?

Today's GalleyCat posts seem to deal mostly with the best ways to publicize a book, including a very literal book trailer. I guess in this economy, that's one thought uppermost on authors' and publishers' minds.

An item on the new book The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder by Vincent Bugliosi credits Internet-based publicity with the book's raging success. The item cites an article in the New York Times that describes the author's difficulty with traditional publicity routes—some radio stations wouldn't accept his ads because his book is "controversial."

Okay, it's fair to say the Internet helped get the word out, but isn't a lot of the success due to the nature of the material? All the publicity in the world won't help you if people don't want what you're hawking, and clearly, Bugliosi is riding the crest of the anti-Bush wave.

You go, Vincent!
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