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E-Books on the rise?

An item in yesterday's GalleyCat mentions that while overall book sales went down by 1.8 percent in May (down 0.7 percent for the year), e-book sales went up 24.3 percent! That worked out to a 34.1 percent increase for the year. GalleyCat wondered if this was caused by the fact that so many publishers are giving away e-books.

To me the most likely culprit—perhaps cause is a better word since this is a good thing—is the Kindle, Amazon's new e-book reader. The darn thing sold out six hours after it went on the market, and all those folks want to buy books to justify spending $400 on an e-reader. Amazon has dropped the price to $360, but I'm waiting just a bit longer.

Too bad audio books didn't do as well, but maybe the Kindle could bring them along, too, once it takes hold.
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