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On being taken seriously

My Helpful Friend sent me a link to a New York Times article about an author whose first book was published as (gasp) YA. Apparently, the "stigma" is hard to bear because no one takes you seriously if you write YA.

Well, as someone who writes spec fic, both YA and adult, all I can say is "get real." If people want to sneer at other people, they're going to find a reason to sneer. It seems to me that the only form of literature that gets real respect is "serious literary fiction" and to that I say: PHFFT! (or however you spell a raspberry)

A more interesting aspect of the article was that the line between YA and adult is blurring. Well, yeah, if you think "YA" means simplistic, dumbed-down stories, then yes, the line is blurring. People are writing good, entertaining, useful books in which the protagonist is young. Actually, they've been doing that for years. That is, in fact, where today's adult readers came from. They all used to read YA.

The woman who wrote this NYT essay seems to have hit a nerve. Lot of blog entries link to it!

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