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Is spec fic publishing finally catching up to the 21st century?

Yesterday GalleyCat had a post on the fact that not only has Tor launched a new blog-centric site (which I blogged about yesterday, too), but the folks at Bantam/Spectra have a similar new site called Suvudu that offers coverage of comics publishing as well as Bantam/Spectra's spec fic novels. A comment, also posted yesterday, posted mentions the fact that Baen was first with Baen's Bar.

So, have spec fic publishers, always surprisingly behind the curve where publishing technology is concerned, finally caught up to the times? They are certainly moving into e-book publishing in a big way, both as a marketing tool and as a way to sell merchandise.

As for the "duel" between Tor and Bantam, I give Tor the edge on content (some actual fiction by Tor authors!) and Bantam the edge on visual appeal—lots of video, book covers, glitz.

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