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A rose by any other pseudonym?

Today's Style section in the Washington Post had an interesting article about a writer who lives a double life. The article is titled "The Two Mr. Banvilles" because literary novelist John Banville also publishes mystery novels under the pseudonym Benjamin Black.

Not that unusual, probably, but the interesting part is that Banville is quite happy with his detective novels featuring a 1950's era pathologist and amateur detective named Quirke who is 6'6" tall. On the other hand, he wishes to make his literary novels disappear because they're not perfect. His literary novels used to sell in small numbers in spite of good reviews but have done much better since he won Britains' Booker Prize. His mystery novels were always less dense, but as he wrote more of each kind of book, somehow, the two seem to be merging. Bored with his pathologist, Banville/Black plans to focus on the man's daughter, a troubled young woman who is "simultaneously drawn to beauty and detached from the world." Sure sounds literary to me.

Perhaps he'll have to publish all of his books under the name Benjamin Banville?
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