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Psst! Hey,buddy, wanna buy an e-reader?

Like a pusher offering a whiff of some really good stuff, Amazon sent me an e-mail with a link to a demo of the Kindle. Maybe they read my last post? Argh! I want a Kindle so badly! They put some real thought into the functionality, keeping some of the best things about a book—like being able to "dog-ear" a page—but adding things that a book can't do—automatically remembering where you stopped reading, changing font sizes, looking up words. I'm not sure about the "nominal charge" for e-mailing files to your Kindle, but the fact that you don't have a monthly fee to use their Whispernet network is great. And I love the size and weight, and the fact that the battery lasts for days.

If only it weren't so damned expensive! I've told myself I have to wait until it comes down to $300. I feel like I'm on a technology diet.

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