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Can I borrow a cup of the web?

GalleyCat reported on the Best Book Blog Awards, which, as it happens, I had never heard of. The link took me to a blog I had also never heard of, where a book lover named Amy has listed all the "best" awards she plans to give out to a bunch of book blogs (best name, best kid lit blog, best book club blog, best romance blog, etc.).

What amazes me is that blogs have taken off so fast, they seem to defy the evolution of technology and information. There are people walking around—not just in 3rd world countries but in downtown NYC— who have never even seen a blog. And yet there are virtual communities of people who have never met in the flesh. And here is someone giving out multiple awards for different kinds of blogs that only have books in common. I'm sure there are similar awards for other kinds of blogs. Blogging has changed the web from a place where people find information and buy stuff into a place where people meet each other and express themselves.

Amazing when you think about it.

p.s. If you know any good book blogs, you can nominate them!
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