karen_w_newton (karen_w_newton) wrote,

I think I'll have a little of my favorite whine

The short list for the Man Booker prize has come out. The PW post on it comments happily on the "geographic diversity" as the list includes two Indian authors. It does not make note of the fact that of the six books on this year's list, five are written by men and only one is by a woman. Last year it was four men and two women. Perhaps this year's judges are taking the Man part of Man Booker too seriously?

PW also notes that Rushdie's latest, The Enchantress of Florence did not make the list. Commenters wonder if reviewers didn't like the book because they don't like Rushdie, but I wonder if it's because they don't like even the hint of genre that the story and its title implies.

There! I'm done whining now.

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