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Advice from the blogosphere...

I just read a recent post by an agent agentobscura in which she recounts some excellent advice to authors who blog. She credits "the fabulous Elisabeth Wilhelm" with writing the list of suggestions. Said Elizabeth appears to be an assistant at her agency, and an aspiring author. I found the list useful, even if some items involve specific references to their agency. I was fascinated by the concept of an aspiring author working for a literary agent. It sounds to me just a bit like a matchmaker hiring a single woman as an assistant--well, maybe not that much. After all, only someone who loves books could succeed at a literary agency. This would tend to skew the job applicant pool toward writers anyway. Still, I wonder if it's common?

I particularly liked item #3 on the list. Item #4 was good, too, but I do wish there was more info on the "how to." I can see where it's smart to use the technology, I just don't know how!

But I'm trying.

[Note: Bad news! The agent in question has removed most of the content of her blog. The only post left is this recent one where she explains she is making her blog content into an ebook to sell for charity.]
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