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Ideas: Words vs. Pictures

I've said before that on some level, the phrase "One picture is worth a thousand words" bothers me. I write words, after all. That said, a totally cool post is this one from Creativity. They had a joint project with Penguin Books, basically an art contest, where they asked a boatload of artists (300 is a boatload, right?) to create a cover design for a new Penguin book called The island at the End of the World by Sam Taylor. It's really neat to see all the different ways the 25 finalists came up with to represent their version of the same idea. And, as it happens, the story is spec fic! Here is the synopsis posted on the above site, which presumably is what the artists were all working from:

The Island at the End of the World Synopsis:
A chilling novel about the near future, where most of the world has been destroyed by catastrophic floods. As a father and his three children begin to rebuild their lives alone on an island, his youngest son Finn begins to question how they arrived there and why they alone have been spared. Finn's search for understanding takes an unexpected turn when a strange man named Will swims ashore, and he appears to know quite a bit about this family and the circumstances that surrounded the floods. But Finn's father is determined to keep him silent and is willing to do anything to prevent Will from disturbing his family's idyllic life on the island. Sam Taylor's The Island at the End of the World is a riveting post-apocalyptic tale that explores the darkness that lies within the hearts of men."

GalleyCat tipped me off to this by with a posting illustrated by one of the entries (not my favorite, but nice). At first I thought they were saying it had won, but I think it's still up in the air. If you do check this out, be sure to read the comment below each picture where the artist explains why he/she opted to go the route they did—hmmm. I guess even good pictures need words!

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