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Another bailout in the news?

But maybe not so much. GalleyCat had a post about a plea to bailout poetry! Here's a quote from the speech by poet and editor David Lehman:

". . . the glut of illiquid, insolvent, and troubled poems is clogging the literary arteries of the West. These debt-ridden poems threaten to infect other areas of the literary sector and ultimately to topple our culture industry.

Cultural leaders have come together to announce a massive poetry buyout: leveraged and unsecured poems, poetry derivatives, delinquent poems, and subprime poems will be removed from circulation in the biggest poetry bailout since the Victorian era."

Now there's a proposal the American taxpayer can get behind! Well, some of them, anyway. Someone once said, a good test of a culture is how it treats its poets. I think Soviet Russia would have won the Cold War with that test,

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