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Spec fic novels go to the movies

A friend sent me a link to a Publisher's Weekly item that says Patricia Brigss got a movie deal for her Mercy Thompson vampire hunter/shape shifter books. As someone who writes spec fic novels, I think it's great when visual media folks look to spec fic novels as a source of new stories.

I do wish it would be something besides vampire stories, though. I wasn't much of a vampire fan to start with, and I'm getting a little tired of them. The supply of vampire lore seem inexhaustible; I recently stumbled across an old Writer's Almanac entry on Bram Stoker, that came out a few years ago, and mentioned that his novel Dracula was only a minor best-seller in his lifetime. His obituaries focused on his career as a theater critic and manager, and never mentioned his book. It was only after Hollywood starting making Dracula movies that Stoker got famous as an author.

I also read the Wikipedia entry about Vlad Dracula, a.k.a. Vlad the Impaler. Interestingly, it looks like there was really no historical connection between Vlad and vampires. Until Stoker's novel, he was known as cruel and ruthless (or patriotic and ruthless, depending on where you were from), but no one had suggested he was a vampire until Stoker wrote his now-famous book.

Yet another case where a good story trumps history.

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