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A novel approach to coffee shops

Today's GalleyCat reports that Starbucks is moving from merely selling a limited selection of books to participating in a joint publication deal. In partnership with Farrar Straus Giroux (MacMillan's young reader imprint), they will publish a 48-page picture book by Daren and Daniel Simkin called The Traveler.

So, I guess Starbucks isn't letting that whole "death of publishing" thing get to them. Or maybe it's an effort to milk the book addicts at the same tie as the caffeine addicts. Hopefully, Starbuck's won't find the biz as much of a grind as selling coffee (small pun, there). I'm wondering how much of a partnership this it, though. The FSG website lists the book without ever mentioning Starbuck's, and the Starbuck's website doesn't mention the book, not even in its press releases. I wonder if GalleyCat knows that? Or maybe they just got the scoop on everyone?

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