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Back from Capclave

That subject is deceptive, as Capclave was only a 10-minute drive this year, but we did spend the entire weekend at the con. We had a great time, saw some good panels, sat at the winner's table for the WSFA short fiction/small press award presentation, made some new friends and connected with some old ones. You can't ask for a lot more from one weekend.

I'm frantically working to get everything together that I promised my agent I would send, but I also want to pass along this news from my dad who lives in Mexico. Almost all the expatriate Americans down there are voting by mail! Dad is quoted by name near the end of this Reuters' article, and his photo appears in the Yahoo News version (he's in the blue shirt). Still handsome at 85!

Hey, if they can take the trouble to vote all the way from Mexico, we should all do the same here!

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