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If you can write short . . .

I saw an announcement on the Pikes Peak Writers list serve that Bantam Spectra is running a contest for unpublished writers (their website calls it their "first annual" short fiction contest). If you can write a good spec fic story that's 2,000 words or under, you have until January 31, 2009 to submit it to them. Go here for the complete rules, but they are paying $100 to the winner (that's 5¢ a word, professional rates) and publication in Pulse, their short fiction magazine that's distributed at conventions.

It's free, which a lot of contests aren't, so if you can write short (and 2,000 words is short!) and your story is fantasy, science fiction, horror, or pretty much anything speculative, and you live in the US (sorry, UK friends!) send it along!

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