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Specifically Spec Fic

Karen Wester Newton

I write science fiction and fantasy stories, some YA some adult. My day job is being an IT manager at a legal publishing company. Currently my agent is marketing a YA novel called Turnabout—sort of like JUMPER crossed with A HANDMAID'S TALE, but with the genders reversed. Like a lot of writers, I read a lot as a child. I was born in Honolulu, the third child of a U.S. Navy officer and a housewife/student of the world. After a peripatetic and bicoastal childhood as a Navy brat, I became a teacher, a librarian, a project manager, a wife, and a mother, although not in that order.

I'm also a long-time and active member of WGFH (The Writer’s Group from a Hell), a surprisingly fun and helpful bunch of readers and writers. I often attend conventions such as Philcon, Balticon, Capclave, Worldcon, and the World Fantasy Convention, and (in the past) the Pike's Peak Writer's Conference (PPWC). My agent is Susan Gleason of the Susan Gleason Literary Agency.