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Got agent?

If not, you might want to check out the auction supporting diabetes research that's running on author Brenda Novak's site. The page that lists critiques and feedback from agents has some bidding over $300 already but there are some bargains there, too,

Of course, the auction has only been going on for today so everything will probably go up. It looks like most of the evaluations are up for bid until the end of the month. I'm glad I already have an agent or I would be glued to my screen poised to bid.
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Find an agent/help a good cause

If you're shopping for an agent, you might want to check out the online auction that romance author Brenda Novak is running to benefit diabetes research. There's a category for bidding on critiques by agents, or in some cases read-and-quick-response from agents. The focus of the auction is for romance writers and readers but a lot of the agents handle spec fic as well as romance (e.g., Jennifer Jackson, Kristin Nelson). There a similar listing for editors but it looks like it's only romance editors.

And if none of that interests you, there's always the Mexican vacation!