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Irony illustrated

This has nothing to do with spec fic or publishing, but I found it extremely ironic. My daughter has a MacBook. While we've always been a PC family, she's a design major so we figured she needed a Mac. It's a nice machine but after she dropped it, it stopped working. I tired to schedule an appointment with the Apple Store's "genius bar" function, where you identify the store you want and then pick a date and time for an appointment to come in. That function absolutely would not work when I used Firefox to get to their site, but it worked fine when I used Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Go figure! Maybe Mac and PC are as friendly as they look in those commercials? -)

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No-Labor Day?

I just had a thought. Here in the U.S., we celebrate labor by not working on Labor Day. Isn't that a little backwards? It's like cutting down a tree on Arbor Day or flying a Union Jack on Independence Day or complaining on Thanksgiving Day.

Just a thought . . . not that I plan to work on Monday. I don't mind contradictions if I get a day off.